Win before you get started

build confidence 460Confidence is not one of these things you go purchase at the store, go home, start  using it till it’s spent,  after buy a new one. It’s more like either having it or missing it. And when you have it, well then, it’s a hard time keeping it at reasonable levels. Especially when you face the unknown. And unknown is what we face every day.

You cannot predict or appreciate confidence. It’s like a little alien piece that you can’t see appearing nor disappearing but when you feel it at times, God, it makes you feel empowered to change the world.

So my question is how can we maintain confidence when we feel it? Can we come to some terms with it? Trick it with dinner and wine and make it spend the night? We would definitely send some flowers over, if we had the address..

Because when you lack confidence, you are missing firstly, the fun in life, secondly, career opportunities, and last but not least, possible relationships. You don’t feel good enough to try things, meet people, get out of your comfort zone, give your best shot at your working place and even be brave enough to speak your mind when the moment comes. Self-doubt is our worst enemy.   A lack of confidence is also when you have a problem with aging. Needless to say that in 99% of the cases, it’s all in our heads. Nobody is more critical than we are with our own selves. There’s no perfect age to live. Each period has its own beauty. Just as each person is unique, and for sure it wasn’t born inbuilt for how to  live and succeed in life.

Shouldn’t we just focus on the best parts we have, and underline them? If it’s your job that’s causing you frustrations, then do your best at it. If it’s your health then adopt a healthier lifestyle. Anything can be improved. We have this ability, as humans, to solve problems. Create. Develop. So why not making the best out of it instead of hiding from the tremendous possibilities in the world? We trigger our own insecurities when we don’t do the best we can in every situation. That leads to low confidence.

For me it was always like this: When I felt unsure I just moved my ass in front of the mirror and face myself, and whatever it was that made me feel unsure. But I did it with love and understanding. I need to get to a more profound state where I can talk to myself and be honest. Find out what is it that makes me unsure. Then I put on some sexy lingerie and my heels, and went out to conquer the world. I know it’s a cliché but I like to think all women are like that, because it’s the truth.

Now it’s the time to live and make our days the best, while focusing on the good. Constantly pushing your limits.  Smiling  often. Trying to succeed in everything we do. Explore and learn. Love without expectations. Especially  ourselves.

What makes you a winner?

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