You are perfect. But you’re gone.




Have you ever had that kind of relationship where you were feeling totally unappreciated, no matter what you did? I have. It lasted a while till I gathered some courage and decided to leave, but I did it. And after some time…Bam surprise! Calls, gifts, lots of attention, I love you notes, I want you back into my life, woman of my dreams..

What makes people appreciate you, only when you’re gone?

Of course my ego tends to answer : He couldn’t find a better one! …but that’s just my ego.

There is always  someone better, or more experienced. Just that after you finish a relationship, or you get dumped , you feel a lack of love. That love that used to fill your life up until a recent moment. So you try to occupy yourself fast after you gain your new single status, but nobody is that available in order  to fill in the missing gap. So you start to panic. And it’s easier to connect with someone you used to know. Thus, you try to improve yourself, change your approach to the situation, and even consider doing things you never felt the need to do before.  That doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in getting the person back. It’s the same for men and women.

Not saying the person who decided to leave didn’t have  extraordinary characteristics and maybe it was the person of your dreams, but it will be years till you come to really see it. Because if you didn’t feel it during the relationship, so strong that it would make the split inevitable, chances are it wasn’t your perfect match.

Whenever someone decides to leave, they won’t be coming back. Because if you leave, you will always keep the untrustworthy feeling for someone who treated you bad in first place. You forgive them for being blind, but you cannot allow yourself to get tricked in the same situation again. Especially when you know you showed the real you, the you that is love.

Luckily, by the time they come back to talk you through it, you’re already over it. Women  show kindness and compassion when they want someone back. Topped with patience. Men  send you gifts and cover you in attention.

 When it’s  too late, you could get offered the world, still it wouldn’t matter.


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