Sex it anywhere, anytime.

What is a healthy sex life?

I grew up in a place that even though it had conservative principles, everyone was having sex from young ages. Sex these days is everywhere, even if you can’t see it, it’s there. Just like the air you breathe. Everyone does it, and in some cases even with your partner. Not saying it’s a world of cheaters but everyone has a backup that they can redraw to every now and then.

There’s no single woman not being able of having sex and no man that does not have a backup. It depends on whether you choose to contact your backup, or not. Nowadays, it’s so common to have sex that you can’t even feel guilty about it. Talking with people, I tried to understand the principle of it. Or better said, the need.

It’s not about feelings or bonding. It’s about releasing tension accumulated, feeling pleasure after a hard week of work, for both men and women. Accessible. No flowers, no butterflies, no call me tomorrow, no problems. Just like going shopping. You go in a store, pick a fancy dress that rocks your body, put a big smile on your face, and go out.

Me, personally, I prefer the shopping part because I can at least wear it multiple times. But what makes people choose casual sex over shopping? Because from my point of view, when you enter in a relationship, sex is like glue, it helps you create a deeper and more concrete connection. It intensifies feelings and also helps the partners understand each other better. It helps you relax  with a bonus. Someone you can rely on.  So why prefer casual sex over trying to create a relationship?

What do you prefer? Do you have someone on the side, who’s waiting patiently for your call ?

It appears that people tend to prefer casual sex over relationships because there is a lack of time in a person’s schedule nowadays. The world gets busier and busier and relationships necessitate constant effort and input. Plus, it takes time to meet someone that can be a potential love partner, as people are selective when it comes to relationships.

Now part two.  After newly formed pairs create their comfort zone and built their emotional intimacy, some couples start exploring in more adventurous areas like bondage, threesomes, swingers and the list goes on. Are there any boundaries a person should never cross when it comes to sex? How much of your partner should you share with someone else, so that it doesn’t hurt your feelings and make you feel left out? This current trend of sharing has been gaining ground fast in the recent years, as well as BDSM. You cannot do without sex, that is for sure. But is this trending fashion affecting a person on a deeper, emotional level?

 I dare you to define a healthy sexual relationship. What works for you?

7 thoughts on “Sex it anywhere, anytime.

  1. In sexualitate nu cred ca exista limite sau directii gresite, exista doar parteneri nepotriviti. Limita dintre normalitate si perversiune este data de dorintele si deschiderea celor doi 🙂


  2. I just realized i’m old 😂😂 and i don’t have a backup . I belive couples should not have limits in their intimacy as long as they are confortable with each other . If they both are on the same page , it’s a win win situation .


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