Saturday night dating.

So you meet someone new that sparkles something inside you. And you want to know more so you decide to start dating. That’s when people turn from being normal to being the perfect match you could ever get. So you decide to present yourself in the best light possible.

Nobody wants to buy a copy. Something that appears like the original but gets damaged fast and you only get to use it for a few times before it turns out to be low quality. We all want original limited editions. Those types that you have dreamed about for so long and when you finally get it, you want to take it home and unwrap it and start exploring it, so you get the full idea about how it works, what it does and how it can help you. So what do we do?

Men and women are perfectly aware of  risks when they start dating. In order to minimize them, they put on the  “Look at me, I am perfect!” look. And they start to change themselves in order to align to their belief. Like hunting down the perfect job.

Game on!

Women start to be more caring with their body, they start dressing better, take more interest in make up, lower they voice, pick carefully their words, adjust their walking, and even be friendlier than before. Simply, they start to purr.

For men it’s almost the same, without the make up part. They pay more attention to the way they dress, they start to plan better, they even listen carefully,  become calmer, they are more open to communication because they need to learn more about you and attract you the same time. They, on the contrary to women, tend to limit  friend gatherings so that they can get some alone time to seduce you. They are  more receptive to your needs.

We get the best version of ourselves on and head out to meet our date. Now the fun begins. Because no matter how perfect we are , we still can’t anticipate what the other person thinks or wants. So we start being clumsy. Sometimes try to look perfectly natural when we know that we spent 3 hours in planning and getting  everything together.

My personal favorite is  the story of one of my friends, who at first homecoming with his girlfriend had cleaned the house so well. Strategically placing everything in his apartment so that she would think he’s the tidy well raised type of guy, that doesn’t need a woman’s touch to sort things out in his apartment kind. The one you’d want to move in with.  Of course she figured it out, as it was looking too perfect. Yet, I guess it worked because they’re married now.

Reason is that what happens when you get the first sparkle of  interest  in someone, you really wish to become that type of perfect person, the perfect version of yourself. And sometimes you stick to it. This way your partner won’t feel like he just got played. Sometimes people appreciate that you’re trying to be your best version for them.

What’s your technique when you start dating?

3 thoughts on “Saturday night dating.

  1. What you presented to us in this story is probably one of the best part of a relationship. I belive in each domain the start can be an exciting and attractive part. From my point of view, the important thing is how you can manage too keep this wonderful time more and how can you can come back to this kind of datings and sparklings.
    good story 🙂

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