Women and magic

museThere is an artist’s muse in every woman. Just that she doesn’t know it. That magical being that appears to inspire great minds to create. The being captured in every great art. Life itself.

We all like to watch  the examples of  powerful women  around the world  because we find inspiration in them. We admire and wish to become like them. But we rarely know that if we really wanted, we could do the same. I’m talking about that very moment when  we realise that everything we see in others, is actually in us.

 We love watching fearless people live and conducting their lives in such a way that they show they are only faithful to their own feelings.

Women are the only living organisms on Earth that overthink everything.  Especially their own ability to create themselves at their very best. Self-doubt is their  #1 opponent. You know it,  there’s no other well  prepared  rival than yourself.

I personally, have set myself back so many times by telling  myself that I cannot do certain things. Out of fear of failure. But what is failure, really?  It’s just experience as there is no right or wrong in life. I stopped worrying about what could be and just try to live the present moment, doing my best  each day.

We can all work our magic in what we feel we have a calling. After all, women give birth to another human being and that is magical. If they can do that, they can do anything else they want. There is one rule. Stop limiting yourself by not trusting enough in your own power.  Every limit we impose ourselves takes us away from our true path.

The one of being  a muse.

Do you ever trust yourself completely?

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