Colpo Di Fulmine

Or how Italians call love at first sight.


Do you believe in love at first sight? Because in Italy almost everyone does.

And it’s natural coming to think about it, because in this country everything is lived with passion. Passion for food, passion for communication, passion for sports, passion for life so why leave love out?

Studies have shown that more than 84% Italians believe in love at first sight. They also believe that love at first sight brings them true love. That kind of love that fills your life and makes you want to share everything with a person till the end comes.

 It raises your pulse, makes your head spin and dedicate every breath to one person.

Amore is what Italians are good at. From what I’ve seen, these men and women live the moment at full intensity. Especially when they fall in love. They have no restriction to saying “Ti amo” in the first week they’ve met you because they really believe it. They have no restrictions to arguing with you on love matters either. With them it’s always up and down, like a carrousel. Ardent.

Colpo di fulmine is a romantic concept in Italy that hasn’t lost its popularity with time, like in other countries.

And why shouldn’t we follow their example? Falling in love at first sight doesn’t  guarantee the love will last forever, but it sure brings excitement into your life. Passion. That insane feeling of boiling blood and  the desire to feel the other person as close as possible. To become one.

I can’t think of a more romantic concept than this one. Believing that one day love will strike you, just like a lightning bolt, and it will be forever.

Has it happened to you?


Janina Jalia

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