How I changed my eating habits.

 For such a long time in my life I ate only what I wanted. Being always on the run, grabbing anything I could get my

hands on, it didn’t matter if it was McDonald’s or my mother’s greasy food. And for a period of time I was ok with it. I was back then in my 20’s, never paying attention to this subject, or the fact that I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

But things have changed recently. I started to notice that with age, I cannot shred those extra pounds so easy like I used to. What’s more, even if I make efforts to eat “healthy” for a period of time  and hit the gym regularly, nothing happens.

What is wrong with this world ??? I was continuously asking myself and just beating my brains out, panicking, trying to find a solution, but in my head  I was thinking I was doing everything right.

Until I started researching about nutrition and listening to my body. I found out that I needed a balance in my nutrition and I started to apply it ( at least I want to believe I did). And I want to share this with everyone, but before I start I just want to admit something. I cannot give up meat and sweets 😂😂😂 which is totally ok In my opinion, because I’m just like everybody else. So I’m not gonna’ initiate talking about going vegan or whatever. I’m just gonna’ present a few common sense rules that might help you keep yourself fit, rules that any human being should know in this world full of unhealthy options. Oh, and one more thing : I maynot reveal the secret of eternal youth , so you might already know most of these things BUT, all my tips combined together, they really work. They really do. So here we go.

My few key points:

Added sugar is poison !!!

Added sugar equals empty calories, which means thatthere are no nutrients in it. I cannot stress enough about the danger of sucrose and high fructose syrup. These two make our brain resistant to a hormone called Leptin, which effectively makes our brain want to get fat. I’m not even going to list all the diseases added sugar can lead to , because it’s a long one ( go figure ), but in my opinion the worst thing about it is that it’s addictive. It’s like a freaking drug. Period.

Eat real food

Make unprocessed food your first choice!! Nothing has more nutrients than raw food : vegetables, fruits, meat – try to eat them in their most natural state. Tip: get a steamer. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, are loaded with vitamins and minerals , by overcooking them, you’re losing a great amount of the benefits they bring. So try streaming, boiling, roasting. All these cooking methods take less than five minutes and are the best option. For meat : grilling it’s a great idea. For fruits, omg!! , so many options : juices, smoothies, fruit salads.

Don’t be afraid of carbs

Ok, so everybody knows about the bad reputation carbohydrates have. Well, in a way, I get it : they represent sugar and starches and you can find them in

pasta, bread, pizza, and guess what ?! Even in vegetables! The catch is to eat the good ones : bananas, green peas, sweet potato, beans, whole grains .

I must confess I tried the Low Carb Diet , and it worked wonders. Men, in only three days I got a flat belly , and almost 2,5 kilograms less on my scale. Now comes the downside : I was sleepy, cranky and I couldn’t focus at all .

So good luck with that!! This doesn’t work for a long term diet. You cannot hide from carbs. They’re everywhere!! “To meet the body’s daily nutritional needs, adults should get 45% to 65% of their calories from carbohydrates, 20%to 35% from fat, and 10% to 35% from protein”!

I hope these little tips will help you maintain your weight or who knows even lose some of it if you’d like!



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