Sometimes it’s all about you.

You know that feeling when you wake up peacefully and you hear birds singing, after a long winter. And you just know your day is just going to be perfect.

Sometimes you need some time alone. Just being by yourself. Allowing yourself to clear your mind and  your heart. Get ready for spring. Just for a while, till you catch your breath and open the windows to  your house. Wash off everything last winter brought into your life. Take your worries to the garbage bin, because when the sun starts shining, you know it’s time for hope.

Time for love. Time for poetry felt by heart. Time for laughter.Time to blossom.

Time to pack your cozy sweaters that protected you these last few months and replace them with your silky tops. Yes, those tops that let the cool breeze caress your skin. And while you’re at it, take out your shorts too. Pretty soon you’ll show your legs off in them.

Tell yourself it’s going to be the best spring you ever lived and you’re going to make sure to live it. Each day at a time. Quit those old habits of overthinking. Just let the fresh air seduce you. And enjoy the birdsongs.

Fresh. New starts. Today.

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