If people are going to talk about you, give them a good reason.

Never in my life have I seen someone that could live life to its fullest whilst adhering to society’s preconceptions. But I have seen people that have closed down their wishes out of fear of the collective judgement. Existing a life in shadows, postponing their feelings. 

What sense has life if you don’t enjoy a late night out with your friends, wine in someone’s company, even if too much at times, breaking your heels from excessive dancing or having sex on a first date?

Just be! Be in that present moment and feel it, without thinking what would happen tomorrow. There’s nobody too old for a little craziness from time to time. Even married people need some sparkle in their life. If only, to remind them they can still do it. Even married with children. You can still live. See you friends, travel without your kids when you feel the need to escape. They love bonding with their grandparents or relatives and you can always use that for a weekend break.

Who cares what your neighbours will say when they see you coming in next morning at 10 am with your just fucked hair and your disco skirt on? Or in your suit because you couldn’t make it home after yesterday’s work? If the sex is good then you’re a winner. Because you let your feelings free and followed your heart. Nobody will call you a bad parent if you take some time off your children and reconnect to yourself.

I had a time when I didn’t trust myself enough so I listened to what the world would say, but those years taught me that this only brought me sufferance.

Do you know that disappointing feeling that invades your whole body once you deny yourself the simplest pleasures in life?

It’s frustration. Nobody knows what’s good for you, other than yourself. They don’t even know what’s good for them, let alone others. So next time you want to do something crazy just follow your heart and go do it.

Every rule in life was made to be broken.

Like I love to call it. It makes you a maverick.

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