Sunday thought.

Who is there for  you in your darkest time?


Do you ever talk to God? If you do, what answers do you get? I can’t say that I have, yet I wished to for a few times in my life. One of the times I was desperate to get to a meeting with God was when I found myself put down by someone I considered close to me. To my heart I guess that person was never close, because otherwise she wouldn’t have done it.

Some time ago I was in a situation where someone made me feel so horrible that I felt imprisoned deeply into a no exit situation. Like my whole life was of the worst quality it could possibly exist in and all that I could do would only hurt other people. I was being held responsible for other people’s destiny and choices.

There are times in life when you get to meet negative people. Those that tend to troll you with their choices and make you responsible for their own misery. They lack courage to face their own fears and transfer them to you. So instead of dealing with their life they come abusively into yours and assume they have the right to tell you who you are and what you do.

I wish nobody would have an experience of self-devaluation but I know that is almost impossible.  How many times has it happened to you?

I couldn’t understand what was it that I had done to provoke such a cruel treatment. Why I had no peace. I kept feeling appalled, horrible and stunned until I learned that Forgiveness is the best answer to what I was dealing with.

Forgive that disingenuous behavior and the meanness showed and Step Away from it. It was the way I got to know myself better than I had EVER  before. I learned through this experience Who I Am Not and who should I give credit to in the future. Which are the people I want to have near me and therefore, of course,  those who should I ignore throughout my life. I realised it wasn’t the actual person that made me feel bad, it was myself that allowed such behavior to hurt my feelings.

Today I forgave all that happened. I understand she had her own fights with life but didn’t have the courage to face them. I can honestly say that freed me from the past and made me appreciate Who I Am. Whenever you meet someone that treats you bad just let them go on their own way without your presence and forgive them for being so foolish not to sort out their own problems.

People are mean just because they lack love and support. In their foolish way they believe someone else must resolve what they are afraid to face. Your undertaking is to live your own life in your own terms.

Today I give love to people who have the courage to be real.

2 thoughts on “Sunday thought.

  1. It takes a lot of courage to share these experiences and to reaveal what you’ve learned from them . I guess all of us know at least one person that drags us down with their negativity . Step one is to acknowledge we’re in this sort of situation , step two is trying solving it .


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