This is one of my favorite subjects. I am in awe with one particular capability of human beings. The one to reinvent.

It never matters what you did in the past.  What matters is who you are now and what you do in this very moment. Because if a person wants to change, they can make it happen. Just like that. Transform. Sometimes in a high speed way. 360 degrees. Magically design yourself into someone new. Because people have that power within themselves of being whatever they want to be.

And if you wake up one day feeling you want to be something else, you can seriously do it. You pursue your goal because you know what you want now, what you like and what satisfies you. And this could be completely different from what you wanted yesterday.

The key in life is to change. Everything changes. Including climate. The Earth. Nature. So why not human nature? A persons characteristics. You change your taste in music during life so why not change everything? Like you redecorate your house, you just redecorate yourself.I like to think that everything changes for the better and we are hopefully on the verge of improvement  in our global human awareness.

Just like until yesterday you were dead. Today you are reborn. Resurrection is all about newness in your life.

Creating yourself with better qualities, efficiently renewed. So why not add to your change all that you ever wanted to be, but didn’t have the courage to show it?

What do you think about this? Does it sound like your cup of tea? Creating yourself a completely new you?

I want to reserve myself the right to change myself completely every few years.  For here I find the very  essence of individual freedom…wouldn’t you too, dear reader?

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