There is one thing I dislike in this life. Being average.

And I have always been like that. It’s not just my ego telling me that it’s either my way or no way, it’s that inner  feeling that stirs my curiosity about life and people that can’t settle with little. That feeling when you know you’ll be without peace until you connect thoroughly to whatever is  going on and you let it fill you with its energy.
I agree with life itself being a mirror of what you are and that you attract people into your life that have the same emotional resonance as you, yet there is something I don’t understand. Being curious and not having any interest in ordinary, why do I keep getting these people that are prone to say :
“Oh you have to accept this, what you’re searching for doesn’t exist!” or “ It’s better living your life like this, minimizing  risks and living modestly, taking life easy.”
I don’t want easy! I want the real thing! I never looked for an easy, conventional type of life. It was always complicated for me. I need to have my life turned upside down to feel  I am living. Challenges. Energy. Passion.  And it’s just how I perceive life itself, as being complex. I live for that deep connection with whatever I am doing.If I don’t like my job, I will change it. If I don’t feel you are being real, I will let you miss me. Even suffering has a meaning in life!  I don’t want to live a life on half thrust.
Because I have always been the type of firm, committed person that gives all in a relationship whether it be friendship, work, family, or couple intimacy.
What’s your idea about living life? Do you accept modest? Common?
I’m not against compromising. Sometimes that can be liberating. As strange as it sounds.  But the understanding put into a compromise must be deep and equally shared by all the parties involved and this must lead to a higher perspective. Reasonable isn’t my cup of tea.
Every day I go out to face the world I want to feel my heart racing and craft  my days with passion.

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