About today.

It’s already three months now since I came to Italy and I am happily waiting for spring. I am already impressed with the surroundings but I think spring will just amaze me. I am lucky to say that I live in a quiet area, unlike chaotic Milan, on a street that magnetizes the senses through its appearance of calmness and peaceful energy.

This March I have started to sense the smell of blossomed trees and to listen to the morning trills of birds. You cannot have a bad day when you are awake to this.

I love walking in Milan. Everywhere you go there is something that attracts you. Even the people are interesting.

I love to look in their eyes while passing by and smile, they always have a lovely reaction.

As a city, Milan is more industrial, nonetheless there are areas of the city that resemble to me, even Paris. During weekends it’s a nuisance to go out, the streets vibrate with energy and voices. People here tend to enjoy the night literally by chatting in the streets while having a drink. The bars are small  as are the restaurants whilst  looking very chic.

In time I will start posting about my adventures in Milan. Today I just wanted to share with you a picture of my street. The lovely fragrance of blossomed trees seduced me out of my house for a walk even though it was a rainy day.

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