Once upon a time…In Romania.

I’m not going to talk about the political regime and how we lived adapted to it. I’m going to talk about love.

How Romanian girls perceive love. We grew up during times when very little information was accessible. When information was actually dangerous. When you would get to watch television for only two hours  and listened to the radio in silence and for limited time. When, as an adult,  you wouldn’t  dare to talk about much because you were afraid of imprisonment. But there is one thing that the system could not control.

That is human  behavior when it comes to protection. To nurture. To love.  We were raised in our  families while noticing how the loving gestures that our parents, siblings and family friends  had been towards us. Teaching us that human approach with caring is the most valuable quality a person has.

In our communities everyone was close and friendly, sharing everything they had to offer. During the communist era and 10 or so years after, people were like family regardless if it was a neighbour  or  a newcomer to the community.

As girls, we were always privileged. And treated as fragile. Always closely watched and pampered. My first boyfriend was in my family’s range of acquaintances. He was my age and he used to send me notes of love and chocolates. He was living quite close so we could see each other daily. He used to arrive at my window and wait for me to come out so we could   sweet talk for a while. Before he parted he would send me kisses for 5 minutes.

Boys and men in Romania still use the traditional way to court their girls and women. And this is something magic. They haven’t lost the “old” way of bringing flowers, sending sweet messages or giving you small attentions. Like love notes. Tickets for your Depeche Mode concert.  They  take you out to theatre or propose an afternoon in the park, during which they look into your eyes for the whole time. Old school. Romantic. Dreamy.  

So how can one compete to that in this crazy world? This is why you can’t settle with less than your own love story. Can you? What do you think? Is it good or bad to grow up like that?

I honestly believe that romance is an art that shouldn’t be lost.

I know I will never tire until I will meet my own beloved…as long as it takes, I can’t rest without the best. Because I want my children, if I will be lucky to have any, to grow up just like that. Believing in fairytales and love stories. Especially the one about their parents.

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