And if tomorrow never comes? Take every risk. Drop every fear.

This year I’m going to turn 30… THREE… ZERO!!

So I want to do  things differently from how I have done them so far. Putting more feeling into the choices I make for using my free time. As any curious cat I started to do some research about what people do in life to sense they actually live IT.Naturally, when I typed “how to live fulfilled” on the internet, I was instantly  bombarded with the usual “7 steps manual on how to change your life” or  “easy steps to train yourself into a successful person”  haha. Just like the survivor type of manual! :)))

But I want those moments that …you know, make you feel you’re alive in that very second. That moment when your head spins because of the greatness and simplicity. So you forget about everyone else for a second. Just breathe where you are and enjoy it completely.

This is what made me decide that this summer I am going to jump… with a parachute! I want to see what that feels like. I also have a slight fear of heights so I’m thinking this is the best way to confront it.

But then I thought okay…It will still be a while before the summer  arrives and I still have a few months to pass with everyday humdrum.…so what should I do?

Having my original super loving friends helped me because they texted me one morning a looooooong list about things we should do together. Because friends always want to share with you the most craziest moments. So right now I am just going to do the same here. Post some of these crazy ideas for  you. The list is incredibly long so I’m just going to make it a bit shorter.

First one is really challenging I might say. I don’t think I know a person who could do that for real!

  1. Close your phone for a week. Switch it off and leave it like that! Can you believe it? FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!
  2. Go out on your bike and ride it for 100 km.
  3. Eat strawberries till you are full.
  4. Change your look completely.
  5. Take part in a flash mob.
  6. Offer breakfast to a homeless person.
  7. Start talking with someone you meet on the street.
  8. Do snowboarding!!! I LOVE THIS!
  9. Spend a whole weekend in a spa.
  10. Go have fun in Ibiza.
  11. Go in an unknown city and spend the day there browsing the streets.
  12. Make love in a restaurant’s restroom.
  13. Write a plan for a year and try to follow it…stick to it!!!
  14. Buy myself some ridiculously expensive clothes. And shoes. 🙂 🙂 🙂
  15. Dance all night.
  16. Spend Halloween in the States.
  17. Start your own business.
  18. Plant a tree.
  19. Fall in love, head over heels.
  20. Go see penguins.
  21. Swim with the dolphins.
  22. Fall asleep under the stars.
  23. Write your own story.
  24. Work harder today than you did yesterday.

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