Recovery tip after a stressful time.

I didn’t always do this. It’s such a pity though. I had a rough year in 2014  and at the end of it I started to look for alternative therapy. And thank God I did! What I found in oils, aromas and teas just relieved my difficult moments by supporting my psyche and also treat my body exhaustion.

I started treating myself by slowly adding some tea bags into my daily routine. In Romania I would always get  traditional flavors  like Chamomile, Linden tree, Valerian,  then I started to progressively introduce on a regular basis  the Red tree tea, Passion flower, Chinese hawberry/hawthorn and Lavender.

The results were amazing. One cannot imagine the benefits. It is only  after one tries adding these small treats into ones  life that one can actually feel their curing power.

Truth is …you don’t need to pay a lot to treat yourself as good as a professional spa would do it. You need to make the right choices. That’s all. Be Smart in your life. Choose what is right. Most things that are effective to your body and soul don’t cost much. Some of them are even free. But about that, we will talk in a different post.

Right now I want to share with you the secret of a successful and complete relaxed evening.

You arrive home. Put your tea pot on the stove. Get a bag of Passion flower, Chamomile and Lavender in a cup and pour the boiling water over them. Let them rest. Take everything off (unless it’s freezing LOL!) while you let the water in your bath run. Light some candles.  If you don’t have any oil in your house make sure to buy some tomorrow. Eucalyptus, Rose, Lily and Verbena.  It’s extremely important to use Eucalyptus on a regular basis. It helps your mind to relax and expand. Easy. Just unfold and let everything pass.

So you let the water run, light the candles and pour some essential oils into your water. Always mix two of them. One drop of Eucalyptus is more than enough as its aroma is very rich. Get your cup of tea and sink into your tub. You can stay there for as long as you want. Minimum is 20 minutes. Till your  tea is finished. In peace. Think or choose not to think. After you’ve done this 3-4 times you will slip into this relaxation mood without even noticing it.  And then the shift takes place. You just let go of everything that once kept your mind busy. Unconsciously. It just happens. Just like that.

I sometimes listen to music as well. I always look for deep cleansing mixes. Because they incorporate different types of sounds and can help you swing through your moods and learn more about your inner state of mind. Or if you’re looking for an answer …you never know.

Be honest many times a week /month/ year  do you treat yourself with a moment of relaxation? Just you. In silence.

#livingfromtheheart #healthy #balance #harmony

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