It takes only one date. For a woman to know where she’s going with a man.

If she’s going to let him kiss her, if she wants sex, a relationship, if she just found the marriage type of man or never wants to see him again.  Women have this capacity to feel what the man they are dating is about and what they can make out of it.


Because they are better at interpersonal relationships than men are. Because women tend to overanalyze everything. Because they pay attention to what the other person says, whilst observing their gestures. It’s their inner voice, that intuition that is inherent  in women and also lets them know approximately where they’re heading with a potential partner.

They can as well compromise faster than men when they believe the person is worth it. They know life is problematic sometimes, so in order to last longer you need to adapt.  It’s in their nature to be kind and supportive,  with the man that they choose to walk the path together.

How was it for you the last time you dated?

I can say that I am lucky because the last time I dated someone it wasn’t an actual date, but it was magic. It happened accidentally and it just was that kind of person that would naturally fit into your life without too much effort.

A woman will stay next to her man for as long as she feels at home. Safe and secure. Loved, respected.  When the home is threatened, she will leave.  It all depends if her man understands how to create her a home she’ll never want to leave.

So if you’re a man I honestly recommend to pay attention to details because women notice Everything. They actually do. Starting with your voice tone. Ending with the way you cross your legs. Body language is a giveaway.

If you go out on a first date, please, pull her chair. Look into her eyes. Don’t use your phone. Pour her more water. Don’t talk about your friends, talk about your current plans and interests.  Tell her about your desires and your fears. Touch her hand. Be honest.  At the end hold her coat. The first date matters a lot. And don’t try too hard. Because that’s noticeable in the first FIVE minutes.  Even if you don’t want more than one date as a man, these small gestures will turn you into a real gentleman.

In bocca al lupo! Or good luck! 🙂

#Fridaydating #love

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