Toxic relationships. Or the fear to be single.

First of all what is a toxic relationship?

From my point of view, it’s a relationship that feels like limiting yourself as a personality and individual. That doesn’t support your growth but rather doubts it. That type of relationship that always has something to question about your choices, never just accepts them and try to look beyond them.

You ever experienced that feeling of  being afraid to tell your partner about something you would prefer to do alone, instead of doing it with them? That situation when you get  the need to hide some aspects of your personality because otherwise your partner  would feel hurt or disrespected? When you don’t feel enough support  coming from them for something that you feel a deep connection to? When there is no shared joy without filtering?

In my opinion that is a toxic relationship. Someone who keeps seeing you for what you seem to be, or how they want to perceive you, instead of what you really are. You can never be 100% real with that type of person. Because if you do that, they will leave. So we continue to fake our  own self. Into someone perfect for whom we are seeing. Intoxicating ourselves with an image that is not true.

How long will it take you to realise that only being the real version of you  will make you happy?

It doesn’t matter what you do. How bad you are . Or how good you are. It matters to be real. It’s the only way you can attract someone as real as you into your life.

People need to get the idea that in this life Good or Bad is relative. Our society sets its own standards, that just differ depending on that certain part of this wide world we live in. So why set our judgement on something limited? Break free and expand.

Be Yourself. Light and dark shaded. Fifty shaded.:)

Thing is, people don’t always agree with themselves completely. Out of fear. So this is why they keep compromising in unreal relationships that keep fuck  them up  over and over, till they understand there is no other way than the truth.

Bring yourself to life and live your true self. As you are. Pro’s and con’s. Perfect as you are. This is the moment to express who you are  and find someone who clicks with you. If they don’t …let them go so you can have enough space for the right person.

This is why the divorce rate is increasing. Because we tend to dismiss seeing the real self, until it just explodes, released in a powerful life changing event. Don’t let that happen and accept yourself as you are now. Because if you do that, chances to have a real and truly supportive relationship where both sides feel happy and secure  will increase. This is how both of you will grow. Together.

Living a compromising toxic life won’t get us anywhere.

Listen to your own self and do as your heart tells you. Always. Regardless of what others think. One way. Truthfulness.

#harmony #truthfulness #acceptance

One thought on “Toxic relationships. Or the fear to be single.

  1. I think you make a lot of very interesting and accurate points. What percentage of people are now currently in a relationship with someone they don’t really like that much just because they’re too scared to be single? Probably a lot.

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