Learning about people we meet. Taking a trip to their soul.

Have you ever wished you could read someone’s mind, background or just get to know someone from the first eye contact?

What it would be like if we had this possibility? Just to learn about a person by looking straight into their eyes. No fear of betrayal would we know then. Because when you see clearly, you are safe.

They say the eyes are the mirror of one’s soul. Do you believe that?

I do. So I dare you to make an experiment with me. For the next 10 days, try to maintain eye contact for more than 10 seconds with everyone you interact. Especially while talking. Look and Listen. Then try to imagine their own personal story.

What makes them happy? What makes them sad? Are they trying to hide something? Have they had a trauma? Could you help them somehow, if so, how? Could they help you?
Every question we ask ourselves when we want to know more just try to get the answer through the eyes.
How often do you make eye contact and keep it longer than two seconds?

I have to admit and say that I have been doing this for the last 3 months and it has been an amazing experience. Because it has helped me cure my shyness. It helps me come closer to people much faster than before and it has strengthened any contact. And it was extremely useful as I moved to a new country.
It turned out people love it when you look into their eyes. Closely. Honestly. With deep interest. And if you add a smile, then you’re a winner. Nothing is more rewarding than getting close to different types of people. Interaction is the key to life.
Good luck with it! 🙂

#truthfulness #courage #oneness

2 thoughts on “Learning about people we meet. Taking a trip to their soul.

  1. Yes the eyes tell everything – however be careful about using this tactic with different people. In many cultures it’s viewed as disrespectful and you’ll notice people avoiding your gaze. Food for thought 🙂


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