Classical Music Concerts

If you can’t find any classical event in this city then you can’t find it anywhere else. Milan roars with music concerts and events rich in theatre culture and art. There is no week passing by without three or four average sized events. If not even bigger, depends on the season. But there is Always something to do. You just need to check websites at least one week in advance to learn about  either what’s coming next or which is best to fit your own style, or both.

I can’t brag about my experience in this city because I don’t have a broad one but I’m trying to find my way and I love classical music. So whenever I have the time and resources for it, I choose it.

Last  weekend I went to the Easter Concert held by the Auditorium Milano, La Verdi. It’s a location in south Milano, down the street from Porta Ticinese and very close to Navigli area. This area is very popular during weekends because it’s crowded with bars and restaurants. I will make a post about it sometime soon.  It’s a very interesting area. 🙂

Now back to La Verdi. Prices for this location don’t go as high as for Teatro alla Scala but still offers  high quality music. The venue provides space for 1400 chairs, so it’s decent and it has a bar where you can get some refreshments during the interval breaks.

I don’t want to sound old fashioned but for me the perfect evening would start with a concert followed by dinner and a walk in the Navigli area.  So think about it. Maybe it would be a nice experience for you too! 😉

How is your perfect evening?

#livinginMilan #classicalmusic

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