When logic fails, let your heart take the wheel.

Nobody can predict the future with certainty. Because there are numerous possibilities that one can never be sure which you will personally choose.

If you don’t enjoy life and yourself, what’s the worth of it all? I know that every human being on this planet when it wants to achieve something, it starts working for that. Even working at your new task  a few minutes per day  makes a great start.

And the secret lies in the details. Just like the devil. 🙂  Make today better than yesterday by  making sure you add two more minutes now to your task.

No successful piece of work was built over night. Progress takes time so baby steps are fine for the moment. It’s how we all learned to walk anyway.

At the moment, I am juggling  with this new thing for me called blogging that I LOVE, my language lessons and recovering after my past 29 years. Trying to sort out my path in this life. I do think at some point I am in danger of dropping one of the “batons” because there are too many to handle but for now it just raises my pulse.

And I hear my mother every time she calls saying  ”Janina, you are old enough to know better,  get a freakin’ job  because we are worried :)))))) and stop thinking about the meaning of life and just live it how everyone else does!”

But I have been doing that for the  last 7 years!!!  Where I had a job like everyone else and it got me nowhere I was happy about.  I lived like everyone else does, working, seeing friends and having a relationship  and still I am searching for the meaning of life. The passion that reverberates you every day you wake up and want to create something. This is what I want. Maybe this sort of job wasn’t created yet for me. Maybe I should create it myself. I like writing on here but should I start writing to get paid as well?

What I am trying to do  now, is creating myself into someone I am happy  spending my time with and feel passionate about every second of the rest of my life. I want to never regret any choice I have made starting now.  And I allow myself to fail in any new project I undertake. Because I am learning about things I have not met until now so I don’t know how I will react to them. Maybe I’ll like them and decide to be curious and find out  more or maybe I’ll just reject them.  One can never know until one  tries.

So this is what  I am saying,  why not allow ourselves to fail as well as to succeed?

Who can honestly say that they haven’t made one mistake ever? And is  therefore , A God-like creature on Earth, preaching about attaining perfection ? There is no such thing. We are here to experience. Live, try ,fall, get up again and do our best with lessons  learnt. We slip every time we need to learn a new lesson. So whenever you want to start doing something just allow yourself the possibility to fail as well. And forget about the “masters” that come to sermon  you the usual “ you should have known better”. Really?  How could I have known better something  I never experienced before? Seriously?  Get a handle on  your own life! 🙂

No logic can serve your life with such accuracy that it will keep you avoiding failure. Because you live in society and not by yourself. You cannot predict external factors. And if you stick to logic you’re missing the fun. Because logic is not based on emotions and that won’t make you feel well at all.

 What do you prefer to live by a math formula or just explore, focus on a bigger picture yet allow yourself to take any path or to change the path at any given moment as long as it resonates with your heart?


#livingfromtheheart #truthfulness #courage

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