The greatest gift you could ever give someone.

Is your time.

It seems to be free but in the end it’s the most precious, untouchable gift you could ever give someone. Because that precious time you choose to share with someone you could use in any other way. Like learning a new language, doing a Master’s Degree in Finances, Quantum Physics or travel to see the world. You could use your time to train yourself into becoming a successful entrepreneur  or to write the story of your life, yet you offer it to a person dear to you. Because you offer time freely only to the persons you feel drawn to, not to strangers.

This life we are given is limited even if we like to think it isn’t. You never know what comes next. What’s in the bag for you and for how long. So we owe it to ourselves to make the best of it. Experience everything we can. Get the maximum benefit. And treat others around us with kindness while we do so.

But this world we live in always highlights the importance of having results that are acceptable for the society in which we grow and sometimes that is detrimental to our own personal interest. Because we just set our focus on what we can earn from a relationship, often a material aspect.  So we grow to think that only material rewards will suit us in our day to day life and in our relationships.

We tend to pursue  things that don’t last and forget about what treats our souls.  What lights our inner self. Are you really happy when you receive a luxury watch  from someone as a reward/ bonus from a personal or business partnership or you care more about the learnings you got from that someone? How can a watch serve your higher purpose?  It’s nice to receive attention like that but it won’t lead to happiness because it cannot enrich your true experience of life. It’s just some firework thrill that lasts five seconds.  So here we are now, with the watch at hand but still alone and in the chase of a different possession and ignoring the real inner feeling that cries out for the true experience of life. Bonding with people.

What’s the best gift You could ever offer to a person dear to you?

It’s not about how much money we earn after we reach our professional goals. It’s about the people we meet during our journey to reach a certain goal. How we can create relationships that are beneficial to everyone involved. I choose to give you my time because deep down I believe you deserve it. It’s my biggest investment. So I want to create a memory with you that will serve me to create the best version of myself in order to serve this world. I can only learn on my road. And be a compassionate human being. And then share  my information. In any way I can. So that others, that are less fortunate to see the real image of this world,  get inspiration and create their own best version.

We are at our best  when we accept voluntarily the process of giving and receiving real life gifts. Kindness, compassion, love, smiles and TIME.

During this journey we call life there will be many people who will have a different appreciation than us.

We owe ourselves to learn to use our time in the most efficient way. And if someone doesn’t seem happy with this gift, we can always give it to someone who does. 

#time #precious #generosity

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