What do you do when a man tells you in two weeks he loves you? You leave him.

Leave him to test his love. Leave him not out of the blue but at the first argument just leave. And wait. 

Wait to see if that love he was offering generously before will still be offered now. Because someone who loves you will offer love in any condition. Not only yesterday but tomorrow, too.

Regardless of  how you react to them or what your choice is. You cannot cut love out of your life as you wish. So test the very authenticity  of those affirmations.

You know that situation when you meet someone and they seem perfect and they act perfect and always, but always say the right words? But then after a while the differences between you two start to be questioned? And all of a sudden that kind love starts reducing. I strongly dislike that situation. And I strongly dislike someone who tries to take me for a fool.

Because obviously we know that between two people there are going to be differences. You don’t  meet someone that is just like you Ever in this life, because each one of us is uniquely shaped and comes with unique baggage.

So assuming they knew that from the beginning, as a responsible adult,  why change their behavior  later?

My advice. Leave. And wait. See if all that initial love is coming or going. Because if it was love, it won’t go anywhere but come look for you. With all the problems and questions unanswered. One cannot do without love once one had tasted  it.

This way you avoid a heartbreak in the future. Be determined in your choice. Keep your dignity for being a woman that respects herself and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. And offer the free space to someone who appreciates you.

Someone told me a while ago :

“ There is no reason to fight for love. Asking a woman to stay and don’t leave me. Because in love there is no such thing.”

Yea?  Well I got news for you, my friend. If there is no reason to “fight for love” then why do we have all these huge successful  poetry books from different cultures about men trying to get the love of their  life back in their present moment?

All great stories were about men fighting for their women and for freedom. Love and Life.They go hand in hand.

And if you don’t fight for love in your life what do you fight for? Or secretly wish for? A job? Money? Houses, cars, clothes?

 One thing to keep in mind. There are people so poor in this world that the only thing they have is money.

#lovein yourlife #livingfromtheheart #truthfulness #courage

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