Tuesday evening in Milan.

When in Italy, do as Italians do. Every evening in Italy there is a beautiful ritual called Aperitivo. This is where people can go out to socialize before dinner and while enjoying a cocktail or a glass of wine, you get some finger food to taste.

Every bar offers this, of course some are better than others. Depends also on the price charged as well on the area where the bar is located. Pretty much like in every city of the world. For Tuesdays I have a suggestion for people who find themselves easily downtown Milan.

Why Tuesdays?

Because starting this April till end of July, every Tuesday evening in Terazza Rinascente the Aperitivo will be accompanied by live music. The setting is lovely and the people are cosmopolite.

You can also choose one of the restaurants  for dinner. The music program starts at 18:30 and will end around 22:30. Especially now when spring is bringing warm evenings, this is a nice choice for an Italian experience.

So after you’re done with touring the city center by foot and spent all your money in Milan’s shops :))), well at least half of them, you can forget all about it by enjoying the sunset on the top terrace of La Rinascente while savoring a drink, light food and lovey music. 😉


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