Navigating in the dark. Overcoming fear.

Sometimes I pollute myself with all kind of thoughts that trigger the worst inner feeling one could get. Fear.  I feel like climbing up a rocky mountain with no harness attached nor safety ropes yet I can’t focus on maintaining my stability and climb higher because I am imagining the moment I’ll slip and fall. And then what?

I am paralysed by fear.There’s no exit.

It doesn’t really matter the context.  Fear we find in anything. For example, the decisions we need to take. Of course now, you learn decision making efficiency,  analyzing  results and evaluating  progress  periodically so you can become better at making decisions. Still, you can’t deny that there is always that feeling of  “What if I am wrong?”. You just learn to overcome it or ignore it and focus on the positive outcome.

It never disappears. It just drifts silently. Because we are humans and we are based on emotions. We’re not cold machines that just read data and then draw a conclusion. And each situation creates a different feeling and image in our mind so we can’t ever know what outcome will result.

When was the last time you felt unsure?

We experience fear in meeting people, going out the door in the morning, fear of spiders, animals, newness, darkness, traveling, buying a new product, changing our job, sharing our ideas, failure, choice of clothing, choice of living, fear of not fitting in society. Fear of losing the loved ones and fear of death. And the list goes on.

The question is why do we focus on our fears more than on our trust, happiness, own powers, abilities?

Stress is the #1 factor for most diseases in the world. Worrying. Depression. Anxiety. They are all based on fear.  Isn’t that really shocking?

And now back to my story… what if the next move will actually make me slip? What’s the worst that could happen?  Have an accident? Break my leg? Die? Does it matter? It can only happen once. If I survive, I can start all over again. Because the real fear is that next move will be the last one. And I won’t get to experience anything after.

But we do experience things in this life. Anything, really. The image of a new city, seeing trees in spring, hearing traffic, birds singing, a couple fighting, we experience a breath, a bath, a lit cigarette, home coming feeling when you’re with your loved ones. A challenge and that rewarding feeling. And also the hardship, illness, poverty. And we overcome it.  Anything, we overcome. Because we are humans and we have it in ourselves, a driven force to overcome obstacles. We just need the right mindset. Focus on the big picture and acknowledge anything we get in life is here for us to experience it. Everything we receive in life helps us grow.

When we realise there is a lesson in Every situation that will contribute to the construction of a better character of oneself, there won’t be anymore fear.

#fearless #confident #determination #harmony

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