Ageless love? Timeless living.

What matters most for you when you start dating? To date someone with a good social status? Good looking? Searching  for an intellectually challenging date? Financially safe?  Maybe something more adventurous?  What about age difference? Is age a criteria of selection  for your potential date?

From where I come, people don’t see age as a difference between partners with good eyes. The bigger the difference, the stronger the disagreement.  I don’t think it’s a social pressure but more the fear that such a big difference in age and in personalities  will mark you deeply and affect your own growth. Because different perceptions by the throng of your local society, looking upon another  person’s lifetime  do influence you. Sometimes in a good way, something in a bad way. And people tend to think in a negative way.

So how important is age for you when you start dating? Would you consider seeing someone with a plus/minus  10 year difference? What about 15 or 20?

Does age really matter  when it comes to love?

Because when you fall for someone you fall for the way they make you feel and the qualities they seem to bring  out in you. You enjoy being in their presence, they tickle your senses  and you feel stimulated for more. To expand your perception on life.

Of course there will be generational differences but that can occur even in a two year difference between partners, when one of them can easily and naturally  mature faster  than the other.

The most challenging aspect of a big age difference relationship is, I think, the moment when one of the partners feels it’s time to start a family. Then everything before that seemed completely manageable can turn into a nightmare.  Because family is the last step one can make towards the maturation of a relationship and people have different inner  timings to feel ready and responsible enough for such a commitment.

Pressure, added to decision making will turn anything into a complete failure when it comes to feelings and love. Because in love, fulfillment must come in its own  form, freely. To be natural. To flow.

Have you ever had such a relationship or maybe you still have?  If so, what pros and cons have you experienced?

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