A life of secrets and games.

They say it can take a lifetime to actually learn to know someone and sometimes you might not even be successful. And you know why?

Because we don’t even know our own essence and being.
And it’s a hell of a hard job to find out who we really are. Sometimes accepting who we are can be also very disturbing.
Each one of us comes with baggage from our past experiences.

Firstly from the period of childhood growth and development, to arriving at teenage years when we learn to trust an adult’s judgement and accept them as valid to our own character. Secondly from our period of independence when we learn how to be self-sufficient and we have our direct contact with the world as our main market. Where we trade jobs and perspective of life and where we need to adapt all the lessons we previously had learned. And thirdly we change our mindset when we meet a person we are interested in.

Because once our interests change, we need to be completely suitable for the new situation. You don’t erase everything you had learned before, you just add information upon it and conform.
In the long run we develop so many parts of ourselves that we lose count. Plus everyone has parts that still need to be acknowledged, experienced and included in their character. Like it or not, our lives are journeys of self-discovery. So we can’t really say that we know ourselves that well to be able to be true to everyone else. We can only try to express our thoughts with integrity and expect the same from others.
Why I wrote this post is to stress the fact that sometimes we expect a lot of things from other people. And they never come our way. So we get disappointed.
We cannot accuse them of being spurious or simply at fault because there is the possibility to not even be aware of what they cause to others. A person can only try to be aware of living being they are. Regarding secrets, every person that is breathing now on this planet has a part of thyself they do not wish to share. It doesn’t matter what it is about. All is relative in life and so is the intensity of an experience depending on the person who lives it. If someone chooses to share their experience, then that takes a lot of courage.
Nobody knows what they are doing, really. We try to project our future. But we’re never really sure of what will happen.

We can only hope for the best and meanwhile try to understand ourselves better so we can express a clear image to people we come in contact with. It’s like a game. You live and you try having fun with it. There’s no reason to focus on the downsides. 

Just be as honest as you can to yourself. In the present moment. The rest is just details.

#trueself  #acceptance #livefreely #authenticity

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