Living in Milan. Where perfection is advertised to alter your thinking.


I have been blessed to meet many beautifully flawed people in my life (I am one too!).

I can honestly say that I have many friends, both women and men that I can perfectly relate to equally. And I love to spend my time among people to constantly learn, observe and broaden my horizons. And willingly accept more in my life.

And since I moved to Italy for this amazing experience I have met more interesting persons that  fill in colour to my day. There is one thing I want to talk about here, because I have seen it in every woman I meet. Whether they come from Romania or any other country  and I cannot understand it. Even if we all have different cultural backgrounds and obviously different systems of values, there is one thing that is common in every woman.

It doesn’t matter for the modern woman how good she looks or how smart she is, she still feels insecure.  Not confident in her own abilities. Why? I can’t really understand it…But I think I know where it originates…

And yes, most want to present themselves as tough cookies, yet there is this fractional moment when you see the uncertainty.  Their guard slips and their lack of belief waivers.I keep wondering why don’t they see the huge potential that lies right there within or why do they tend to dismiss it?

 For the sake of doubting themselves.  Is that really more fun than being confident?

Just think about it. What could be so wrong that deserves your attention? And why would you choose to pay attention to something that’s causing you discomfort when you can enjoy your qualities and enhance them?

Hello?!?! There’s no perfect woman on this world! Commercials are made to sell us silly products! A real product doesn’t need presentation. Plus, people used in commercials are filmed in a way that warps the natural features and enhances different effects to create fictional images that sell!

“Please, be kind enough to pass me my airbrush for my retouch! “ :)))

So why try to be something that doesn’t really exist?  

I meet fascinating women every single day. Women that, for example, devote their life to research in laboratories but also find time to love. Women that divide their time between their families, duties, hobbies and social responsibilities and all that combined  together creates so much beauty in this world and yet! they  still feel insecure.

Because what we receive from the media is this perfect image of the futuristic unattainable fantasy super  woman that juggles with all and is flawless. If you accept this fantasy it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Ladies, life is about loving our imperfections.  Leave perfection to commercials…they’re getting paid to deceive you.

Let yourself be driven by life. Real life.

#embraceimperfections #confidence #beauthentic  #saturdaywildmoodon



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