Find a reason to smile every day.

I cannot stop this wild side of me. Instinctual curiosity and desire to get in the depth of anything I experience in life. I want to know thoroughly every person and situation I meet, extracting the insights.

And I discovered that to really understand someone it isn’t necessary to ask them questions or provoke them to open and share their thoughts, rather it’s to listen carefully to what they have to say. The choice of words and how they express them, can indicate what is going on with a person.

Even for example, which period of life they are in and if they have something as yet unresolved. To be brutally honest, I do so because I want to understand myself better. I want to see which parts of every person I meet attracts me more and which parts I dislike. Because I have this theory that guides me and in which is written: “All that you encounter in life is a reflection of your inner state of being”. So I just started paying close attention to everything and everyone I come in contact with.

And the fact that I don’t have a job yet provides me the time to do so. :))))))))))))))))

So back to my quest. I don’t want to sound ingenuous or to infer this as dewy-eyed naivety, but everyone I meet, has a beautiful side. There are some people for which life hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies, yet they choose to see the glass half full. And I am in awe of those kind of people.

The never surrender your faith in yourself type. You can do it, go the extra mile and you will make it. Every day fighters.  And even if they have lived in harsh conditions, they can still find strength to smile and look at you with warm eyes.

I know that humans can be complex, twisted and sometimes extremely difficult to handle and deal with but what I have seen is that everyone has great potential embodied within.  Sublime beauty and compassionate feelings abide. It is their choice if they will exploit these feelings or not.

I choose to believe that at some point in this life, they will.

It’s hard to see the truth these days, in life and in people. When you have all the social pressure on your back and breathing down your neck to focus only on yourself, create your path in life. 

I was the type of person, when I was living in Bucharest, that would seldom  use public transport. Maybe once in three years! I was too focused on my own chores and duties and I used to organize my schedule tightly…or more honestly a bit “last”.

So preferred to utilize the abundant and ubiquitous yellow taxis. Conversely living in Milan, instead now, the Milan metro is the only  way I travel. Back and forth every day to my classes or  to see the people  in my life. I rarely use the car these days.. secluded in a little tin box. I prefer to look at people, share communal space and see life happening around me.

Seeing the beauty that gravitates around me has been so far the most rewarding experience I ever had.

#smilewithallyourheart #findbeautyinyourlife #enjoyeverymoment #lookaround #namaste #happiness #lifestories

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