Forgive me for being a sinner. Love me for being real.

 I’m just going to say it. It takes courage to face daily life as a single person for a long period of time.

It does because everywhere you look, you see couples, families, even some of your closest friends already have children while you contemplate life and have no idea where you’re going.

Then there’s the wedding season where you go to celebrate love, all by yourself, because you don’t  have anybody special in your life and you’re happy for the hosts but you secretly wish you would be at least half as blessed.

And you’re always that eccentric person that has lots of friends yet never a date.

And why would you have a date? You’re yearning for that real experience of blissful contact with pure feelings not just dinner talk and movies. Which is extremely hard to get. Though not impossible.

So at some point in your life you decide it’s time to stick with your own company unless it’s the right company. Usually that happens in perfect alignment with your friends’ decision to marry and have children.

Excellent occasion to make your life extra intricate! :))))

You get tired of dating people whom you have nothing in common  with and stop making compromises for the sake of “just  give it a fair chance”. You’ve just had enough.  You just accept  that whatever must come your way, it will come at the right time. Just as everything happened before in your life and brought  you to this present juncture.

 Every morning you open your eyes you decide that today you  accept everything that will happen and have faith that maybe today life will reward your patience.

 We can only carry on with love in our hearts and hope for the best. It’s what we live by.

For me, it’s terrible LOL! Everyone is starting to make summer plans with their loved ones and I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow! But I hang on. I try to take each day at a time and focus on my  tasks. My goal now is to create a bit of order in chaos and find my path. And I see all my other friends that are as single as I am and it’s a constant struggle for them as well.

People were built to live in pairs. Scientific proof shows that the most successful societies during all time were the ones that promoted strong monogamy. Because such a relationship strengthens the character, it teaches you respect, faithfulness, it simplifies your life and allows knowledge to be passed on to the next generation.  Family is a barometer for the quality of life.So yeah, we all want it. We want the love and the home. We just have to be brave enough to face ordinary life and learn our lessons until we reach the last station.

Our destination.

To all of you who have love in your lives, I hope you cherish it. You are fortunate. At some point, we, the rest, will have it too.

#love #namaste #livingfromtheheart #hope #faith

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