One day, I woke up and realised my relationship was… a lie.

And it was painful.

I opened my eyes to a painting that was forcefully painted. It had lots of dark colours of misunderstandings and unexpressed feelings, unfulfilled desires and frustration. Arguments and verbal violence, words said when anger was at its peak.

 Words that once were thrown onto the canvas of life, remain there forever. You forgive, yet your subconscious stores them. Your future character will be shaped accordingly by your past experiences.

I took a deep breath and realised this isn’t really me.

I don’t look like the painting before me. I am a peace loving and joyful being, I don’t want to continue to paint with the same brush and whatever it was that triggered me into this, it had to come to an end.

When you decide who you are and what you want, you accept yourself totally.

You accept what you did in the past, even if it were mistakes, and you prepare yourself for what comes next. This time you will be love-oriented  and definitely more honest to yourself than you ever were before.

You understand that no relationship that comes against your well-being can be long lasting.

You understand that no matter how long you have been involved in that relationship, it’s time to let it go. Maybe, the person who is sharing the relationship will have a wake up call too and it won’t end, it will just expand and flourish in its true purpose.

The one to build, not to destroy.

It’s painful to watch people exit your life. And the fact that you have strong feelings for them augments the pain. But you cannot force anything in life. Because when you force it, it won’t feel natural and it won’t be in harmony  with your peaceful feelings.  It will only turn out in frustration later.

Stay away from drama, of any kind. A loving relationship will permit you to develop yourself, if not with your partner in tandem, it will offer you the space and understanding needed to progress. And that person who truly loves you, will stand by without pointing it out or blame you for different situations.

How is your relationship going? Are you in a fulfilling or painful relationship?

#courage #awakening #betruetoyourself #lovelive #livingfromtheheart #enjoypresentmoments #reallove #livebyyourownrules

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