Should I trust you? Or should I stay away from you?

How long does it take until you think someone is trustworthy? I believe that we can never be completely sure about trust. Or people.  This question has been keeping my mind busy for the past week because right now I am in a situation where I need to know with what people I can trust or at least have a strategy to select the ones I want to share my personal details with.

I am the one who always preaches about seeing the beauty and best features in every person yet in the same time I have to remain realistic and carefully approach every new person that comes into my life. Of course right here, on this blog, I can share anything in my mind and this is a release. :))))

What is trust, exactly? It is the faith that you have when you choose to open yourself towards people and believe they won’t use this moment against you. Take it, TRUST as your vulnerability.

You choose to trust someone when you go out of your comfort zone. And hope it will be for the better. You take the risk to be disappointed when you choose to trust someone.

Reality is, there is no magic formula that can tell you when a person you just met becomes trustworthy. Everything is relative in life. Depends on the type of person you are, depends on which type they are. You assess someone during your time spent together and it’s always a good idea to reflect upon that time and try forming a correct opinion.  Pay attention to everything and to your feelings. Sometimes you can feel when someone is to be trusted.

But we tend to ignore our intuition. That inner voice that whispers when it notices something is or is not going the way it should.

I believe that as long as you remain true to yourself, express with honesty as much as you feel it is necessary or more importantly to express as much as you fully want to unreservedly, everything will be okay. There will be no regrets later in life.

You can never be completely safe from life. Sometimes people will disappoint you, regardless of safety measures.

Two years later (2017) – Observation allows details to complete a picture, you can get a “clearer vision” of what is something or someone. Vipassana. 

#livingfromtheheart #safety #trust #truth

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