Love and infidelity? Sorry…Incompatible.

I may come from a different era, because I don’t understand the cheating tendency.  Under any circumstance. I can relate to feeling miserable in a relationship and seek for comfort on a friend’s shoulder until you decide what action should you take. Or going out to distress yourself when clouds gather so thick that you can’t see the solution.

 But to lie to someone who you shared intimacy with, showing  no sign of remorse, I think that is purely shameful.

Of course social interactions are our main healing factor because they distract your attention from sufferance and permit the healing process. The brain continues to function and analyses everything, just that it tries to entertain and distract you from feeling pain. At least for a while. But social interaction doesn’t mean landing in someone’s bed. Especially when you already have a partner.

What is stopping people from being honest and tell straight forward what is it that they really wish? If you have a relationship that is not working well, decide and communicate your decision. Why not be open and sincere instead of trying to postpone the resolution?  And there is the other case when someone cheats just out of curiosity. Or just because it happened.

I can only see the person who cheats as an egocentric person. Because when you choose to cheat your partner, you don’t care about their feeling or respect.  Neither for them, nor for yourself. There is no such thing as respect in  yourself when choosing to lie.

 A person with principles and healthy values of life will never choose to compromise his own integrity.  There is no such thing as “just happened”. We choose how we react to the world.

What’s your opinion about infidelity? Do you think it’s a choice or there is an inclination to cheating?

When “IN LOVE”, you can’t  make an affair  from a flippant social interaction.

Tragic part is that whenever someone cheats, they don’t really realise what trauma they involve their partner in without having their consent. Just sneak from the person you shared your best time with and be deceitful. Not to mention when children enter the equation.

Whenever someone chooses to lie instead of being sincere, it won’t be any good coming out of that situation.

I hope  that people will start paying more attention to the feelings of their close ones and not only to their own.

#love #sincerity #commitment

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