The biggest crime one could commit is to give up on enjoying life.

There are periods in life when you need to take some time off and reflect upon what happened in the past. And maybe then, you would want to make a small plan of what you would like your future to look like. Adjust your ideas and your perspective upon life. Give hope some time to grow inside you for better moments ahead.

It’s not always a perfect life. Not even a normal one. There are situations when you take in a hit that shakes inside you for years after. It never helps to ask why that happened.  You can’t control life. It’s just continuous transformation and energy taking form into actions that in some cases might have a negative effect upon your existence.  But you can always control your reaction to what had happened previously.

It’s recommended  to accept it, forgive and let go. To heal yourself. But it’s never easy. At first you can’t understand why that happened and you get stuck in a destructive pattern, one that tells you that maybe you had deserved it.

The biggest mistake is to dwell on this.  Because once the idea that you might have deserved it crosses your mind, everything that you once enjoyed will be cancelled. You instinctively collect the blame for everything. You believe that if you had known better, maybe you could have avoided different situations.

You will start thinking that you don’t deserve to be happy. To live peacefully.  To enjoy simple things. You start punishing yourself for whatever was in the past that you believe you are responsible for.

I have to admit I had a period of a few  years where I continuously flogged myself because I disagreed with my choices of work and life I made in my early 20’s. I was judging me from an egocentric point of view that I should have known better. Remember, a few years!

I thought I wasn’t entitled to have fun with my life anymore, just suffer. It was terrible, I wish nobody would go through it. I got incredibly ill in a short time. I became a regular of hospital visits. It was a continuous fight between my blaming thoughts and trying to recover.

How wrong was I! Now when I think about it, it makes me laugh how silly I had been. Because you can never know what your choice will create in the future.

In the moment you live, this moment, is the only one that’s good for you. Now if you are happy and at peace, you will always be. Deeply feel it.

And you choose from this current perspective. Nobody has higher knowledge of this world to be able to make the perfect choice.  And it’s not even all up to you. There is society that we must integrate in or be accepted into, to account for as well.

The biggest crime we can do against our own body and mind is to stop improving or growing. Experiencing. Life. Relationships. Knowledge. Challenges. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. It’s gone.  We couldn’t know then what we know today to act accordingly. Nobody  has this foresight.

When we were children, we never accepted being pulled away from that simpler, more fun world.

It should always be like that. It’s the only place we belong. Not somewhere remote, refusing to live. Sometimes you don’t even need to speak to someone to make yourself feel better. Just go in a square and stay there observing the people around you. When you have a chance to laugh, do it. Explore a park. Read a poem. A story. A documentary, for example National Geographic releases beautiful  material about this world. Then plan to travel somewhere far. Just don’t give up on enjoying the moment nor close the door and draw the curtains on the world.

People are happier when they share, it was always like that. We need to start paying attention to one another. Life is about living, not only existing. We are better  together, experiencing, with understanding and with love.

#laugh #enjoythesunset #getsomeicecream #dance #livingfromtheheart #listenthesoundofthecity #watchbirdsfly #lovestartswithyou

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