Make a wish this May. Something to enrich your Soul. Discovering Casale Monferrato.

Being a curious cat makes you stick your nose in all sorts of files and texts and thus reaching some very interesting ideas. I found out today that May is the month of rediscovery. I have a keen interest for hidden or subtle messages so I try to find some every day in the vast online library and also my personal books.

So my first thought when reading this was ..What if I start my days from now on trying to learn something new about myself? Like experiencing a situation I had never had before and observe my every reaction to it. This way I can gradually learn about my potential.  And all hidden aspects of my character.

Rediscovery for me is about finding your hidden desires for life, passions and creativity. Innovation.  Inspiration.

But let’s postpone this talk about ideas and features and let me present you a little town I discovered this weekend while I was on my way to having my first parachute jump.

Casale Monferrato is a town in Piedmont region, north-west Italy. Its population is about 40.000 inhabitants and its history is tracked back to third century, when the name of it was Sedulia. It was in this region where the bishop of Asti was beheaded along with 146 other followers. In what is believed to have been conducted by pagans, as Wikipedia presents.Piazza Mazzini

Sant’ Evasio, a missionary, is believed to have lived in the 3rd or 4th century  A.D. in the Piedmont region where he preached Christian Faith. He is believed to have been one of the victims in a massacre that took place in the forest near present Casale Monferrato. For reasons that are not entirely clear.

Sant’ Evasio is the actual patron of the small town and region of Asti, an important figure in the Catholic Church and the oldest edifice in this town is dedicated to him. Il duomo di Sant’Evasio.Duomo Sant'Evasio

This dome is not only one of the main attractions in Casale Monferrato but actually one of the most important cathedrals of Lombard-Romanesque  style of Piedmont. It’s history originates as Jupiter’s temple in 1st century A.D. then continued as a church dedicated to Lorenzo’s martyr, during the Liutprand era( 8th century),  until 1107 when Pope Pascal  ll consecrated  the church into a new, bigger  edifice  where the remains of Sant’ Evasio were brought.  Wikipedia.

Relics of Sant’Evasio


The story of the Casale Monferrato and the church of Sant’Evasio has a tumultuous history stirred with a  fire set in 1215 by troops that fought against imperialism. It was rebuilt in 1220 and it became capital of the marquessate of Marquess de Monferrat in 1292.

Its story continues with occupation by the French and Spanish troops in 1745 after being turned into a fortress in 1536.

The town, as any Italian old town, gathered a castle and a gothic church as well. The castle dates back from the time when Casale was turned into a fortress IN 15th century.  The construction of the gothic church of San Domenico started in 1471 under William VIII, Marquess of Monferrat. William wanted to build an edifice for his son, a son that never came from any of his three wives. The edifice was used then by the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition until it was turned into the church today. This story was happily presented by a tour guide volunteer in the Church of San Domenico, a lovely old lady.Chiesa di San Domenico     Chiesa di San Domenico     Saint Peter's martyrdomTomb of Benvenuto Sangiorgio       

Upon entering the Chiesa di San Domenico,  to the right you can see the tomb of Benvenuto Sangiorgio who died in Casale Monferrato  in 1527.

In Italy, any region has its own wine and delicacies. I recommend as a break for lunch, or if you want to have a lovely dinner, a small restaurant called Riviera. The food is delicious and you can reach it easily from Duomo Sant’Evasio. They offer great Aperitivo too, the atmosphere is definitely relaxed and suited for holidays.


I loved my day spent in Casale!

Riviera Flowers in my life

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