Love hurts. No it doesn’t. The inability to overcome addiction to a person does.

We all, probably, have felt at some point this feeling of loneliness and abandonment and we have thought our identity was connected to another person and when they left, we felt open to sufferance. But we weren’t, really, suffering because of  their absence. It was all an illusion.

Love is a blissful feeling, first of all. It’s a state where you discover freedom, independence and trust. It doesn’t restricts your actions and it doesn’t condition your choices. It comes into your life to complete you. To assist you on your way and not telling you who you are.  Love chooses you, you don’t have to give up anything or make a painful compromise for it.

Because the moment it starts to bring pain and dissatisfaction into your life, it’s the moment one should realize that it is not love. It could be obsession, addiction, fear of being alone and any other negative or toxic feeling.  But it is not love, my darling. Be brave and look inside yourself. Deep down we all know the truth and we see clearly what everything is. Intuition always plays a huge part in giving you hints about  what is really happening. But our beliefs are the ones that blur the perception of truth and thus distort our reality.

Nobody on this world can pick you up after a difficult event other than you. The faster you become aware of it, the sooner you can start healing and recovering after a relationship that didn’t suit your principles or needs.

Now the reason why we all suffer and feel abandoned is because we don’t give ourselves enough time and support, understanding and love to take each situation as it is. Of course it hurts when you grow apart from someone. But the abandonment comes from forgetting about our own being and focusing mostly on the depart of the other.

We don’t treat us good to compensate the departure of someone who until yesterday was living with us.

We, instead, choose to lock the door and hide away indoors or beat up with self-admonishment, constantly adding blame as a cause of what happened. That is abandonment. That is what actually hurts. The idea that someone else can make you happy instead of your own. And blaming yourself for another’s choice.

Actions speak louder than words. When someone chooses to let you go, understand it and face the disjunction. Treat yourself with kindness, some time and love. Everyone deserves the very best in this world.

Anything that makes you happy and at peace, do it. Today.

#truthfulness #authenticity #findreallove #allowunderstanding #overcomeaddiction

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