Yeah, baby! We can have a lot of fun!

I have my Italian exam coming on 11th June. And I am freaking out because I have not been the most enthusiastic student. It should have been easy for a Romanian to speak this language and I speak it, yet I want to do a B2 level and I am a perfectionist so at this moment it feels like its slipping out of my hand.

And my main opponent is my mind and … my own thoughts, because the more I try, the more I get pissed off because I keep repeating myself…It’s too damn hard and it’s such a short time until you have to prove you reached an academic level!!

So I am beating myself up and trying to come up with a method that allows me to have fun and block these toxic and sabotaging ideas that don’t ever shut up.

I discovered that if I listen to Italian music same time I read, my interest grows and the phrases and texts I read are becoming clearer. But it’s hard to listen to music and stop yourself from dancing. :))))

What should I do?

If I don’t find any fun in learning something, consequently I get bored and I want to pass that B2 exam successfully. :)))) I don’t want to learn something by heart, I want to understand its key to functioning well in my mind and develop an instinct to think in that language.

What is your method of learning new things?

“You live a new life for every new language you speak.  If you know only one language, you live only once.”

Czech proverb

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One thought on “Yeah, baby! We can have a lot of fun!

  1. studiare è importante, la base per imparare, ma poi la conoscenza vera è il frutto di incontri e confronti con le persone … e la differenza è tutta nella qualità delle persone che desideri e scegli di incontrare … perchè niente come l’altro da sé è il nuovo mondo da scoprire … d_*

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