Art and Sex – on the canvas of life.

Marcus Cooper PhotographyThis is my perception of life. I see it as a perfect knit between the profound and  at times tragic fibers of ravishment along with states of raw euphoria.  A bit of mixed bag you could say!

We come onto this world, in 99% of cases, crying. Then we slowly start distinguishing the colours in front of us and contours, start slowly learning things and getting in touch with our purest feelings. Then we laugh, we cry again, we start learning how to be mad, how to be manipulative to get what we want. We experience joy  and  hopefully all parents teach this,  to share what we have.  We observe and learn about people and how to react to most situations but life tries to teach us all the time that no matter how good we are at keeping our emotions under control, we can’t protect ourselves from its genuine form.

Raw feeling.  There will always be a situation which you have never had before, that will take you by surprise and which will lit inside you a new sense. You just need to live and experience it.

And it is well worth to do so. Because the sensations that you experience day by day and year by year are so different and rewarding that you realize you could never accurately estimate the outcome of a situation, or …life.

It’s exactly as with art. You think you can understand it completely and you see the pure feelings expressed through it, yet there is no person that could ever be sure of it’s real value. It just impacts you so deep that you could almost feel the profound touch of it in your heart and soul. Sometimes it’s shocking, crushing, painful, frightening yet it still attracts you.

It boosts your blood speed. As in sex. You can’t stop of wanting more. Because you find exoneration. Strips off all the junk and leaves you completely naked. There’s only passion, rapture, satisfaction taken at times to intoxication.

It never stops. Continuously moving, transforming, adding up to your experiences in a fascinating way.

I want more of a life like this. Pure feelings. Mixed up in my hands, soaring under my skin straight to my heart and guiding my footsteps every day.

Tomorrow I am leaving Milan to journey to Annecy, France, for a prolonged weekend. It was on my to do list from a while now. I am planning to try paragliding if the weather will allow it. I will write a post about the beautiful city in the Alps soon.

#livingfromtheheart #findyourpassion #aboutsex #artinlife

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