The truth behind the mask.

  I can’t stop thinking about how much courage it can take a person to strip away publicly all masks and step out exactly as is, in front, showing naked, everything to the world. The real deal. The pure truth. The essence of who we are inside regardless of the media and opinions of others.

My example is former Bruce Jenner, actual Caitlyn on Vanity Fair’s cover.

We all make mistakes during life. I see in the Vanity Fair interview that one of Bruce’s children  from his first marriage is slightly disappointed with the lack of fatherly support during his childhood. I don’t know if there is a possibility that one person can be the perfect parent or provide full time support on all plans in the mind of a growing child.

Of course you want, as a parent, to be the best example and provide everything to your children, yet life happens as it comes not as you plan it. I can only deduce this from a hypothetical point of view as I have no children, but as a woman, I feel that I would be capable of anything for my children, still for them my capabilities could not be enough at some point.

Perception is relative for every human being.

This former man, actual woman that was a competitor, challenger and former gold medal winning athlete and a current television personality on a global scale had the courage to speak about his/her real preferences and inner truth.

To live life fully.

What is life about, really? What is it about? Seek the inner truth. Find out who you are. And live with all your heart that truth, the real experience regardless of everything else in this world.

Why to live a life for others? Or to live with the fear of being judged?

And why not to accept the decisions someone’s making for their own good, as they are, and applaud the strength to do so? It’s never too late to go for what you know is there, inside.

I can only see the beauty in the new Caitlyn and acknowledge, once again, that you can only be at peace with yourself in the moment you accept completely who you are.

It doesn’t matter what the world says, does or thinks.  You shape real life because you have to live with yourself until the end of time. And nobody else.

 I only have respect, admiration and consideration for someone who chooses truth over lie, at any given point in life.

#lifefree #findyourtruth #livelifefully #behonesttoyourself #courage #respect #callmeCaitlyn #takingoffthemask #truthsetsyoufree

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