When your choice of sleeping alone pays off.

You don’t really choose to sleep alone because you need your own space in bed. You choose to sleep alone because you don’t want to wake up to someone who you have nothing in common with. Like sleeping next to a stranger. Who can do that and actually have a good night’s sleep? Probably nobody…

And it’s so easy to fall into trap at times when the need of holding someone really stirs and plays with your feelings. Or when you wake up on a Sunday morning and you have that family longing feeling, a desire to smell freshly brewed coffee and a wish to just cuddle with someone before breakfast.

To laugh and just look into their eyes. And see the world into them. Those pure feelings of belonging to …home. Where you feel comfortable. Safe. At peace.

But you won’t choose anyone for the part. You know that anyone just doesn’t do. There aren’t so many people who you can connect with so you can get that peaceful feeling. And when you start getting to know yourself it becomes easier to not fall into the trap of missing, loneliness and desperation.

Because you know that if you will try to force things and pretend any person can be the right person, you will wake up feeling something’s missing even if you’re not alone anymore in your bed on a Sunday morning.

There’s no perfection on this world. There’s no perfect person. Instead there is a perfect person for you. The one that can come as a completion to your own imperfections.

What years taught me until now is that you cannot force anything. When the time is right, it will happen. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can think you had found the answer but truth is…it always comes at the right time.

That’s the moment when all the choices you made pay off. When the right thing happens just because you made it up until that point. Choose with love, for your own good. Don’t settle in this life for  anything less than the best option.

 The heart and spirit only want what’s best…you can’t fool them. With love, there’s no game.

I hope you wake up next to the person you love, not someone that fills the part for the moment.


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