I’ll just take my sandals off and enjoy the warmth of the golden sand.

I’m sitting on my sunbed in this little bay. The beautiful beach of Benirras. The sound of the sea calms my stirring thoughts and allows me to lay relaxed in the gentle rays of the late June sun.

My heartbeat’s synchronized with the waves and my lungs are filled with fresh air. And I’m contemplating the idea of love. And balance.

I see many young families around me and I understand that it’s not time yet for me. I knew that since last year when I decided to leave my home for Italy. It’s painful to realise you haven’t met the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with yet it’s rewarding the courage to live waiting for it.

I saw last week how true love looks like. When I attended one of the most beautiful marriage ceremonies I have ever witnessed.  One of my high school friends got married  In an Italian castle wearing a Romanian traditional wedding costume. They both looked amazing but not because of their appearance but because of the real expression of love and content on their faces. Angelic.

I have known my friend for the last 15 years. An extraordinary person. Friendly, caring, loving, ambitious, determined and sometimes extremely energetic. She is the type that can take on fearlessly any project and  to try to handle more than one at same time.

Yet she missed some features. Being in equilibrium. Balanced. Organized. Calm and peaceful.

She just didn’t have them or they were in very small portions. Until she met him. Her other half.

Looking at them together just made me realise how important it is to wait for your half. Because it doesn’t matter what qualities you have or you lack, it doesn’t matter at all.  You will be whole once your partner steps into your life. Once you find it, you just become complete.  A beautiful exchange of experience and at the end, a complete share of your life. You will give and you will receive. Creating balance. Putting order in chaos.

Don’t get mislead by the moment and listen to your heart always.

I love this little beach. And to spend time with my close friends.  I’m using this time now to add some balance into my life.

Maybe trying to accept everything that comes just as it comes.

I will just take my sandals off and stick my feet in the warm, gold sand.

#waitfortruelove #donotgetconfused #enjoylife #livethepresentmoment #treasureyourfriends

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