You can see some amazing sunsets on the planet, yet the one you see at home is the most rewarding.

I like to say ”thank you” in my mind when I watch a sunset.  Thank you for a beautiful day that taught me another lesson and allowed me to live in this world.  Thank you for the wonderful people in my life and all the others that  have crossed my path. For all my experience and for what is yet to come.

I had a discussion with my sister recently. What matters most in life for everyone. She sees me as an extremely disorganized person that only finds peace when on my travels and meeting other people. One that doesn’t care about the immediate surroundings as long as there is harmony  between  persons. And between cats.

And yes, I do tend to be ignorant of material things and surroundings. I like experiences more than being careful not to damage any gadget or how to maintain  the longevity of an object.  But that’s just me. I even like breaking things so I can see what it feels like and try to find solutions. It’s just all about the experience for me.

I treasure most the people in my life. I stopped buying them presents and offer just birthday cards, books or small things that really bring a benefit.

Because it doesn’t matter what you offer at times. If it’s not your time, it’s not worth it. The most beneficial situation for a human being is contact with another person. It teaches you a lot.

This, like everything you see here, is only my humble opinion, however it’s been a very fruitful way for me to step through life so far…and I will apply this ethic with all my inner passion.

I do know that with time everything changes, so I reserve the right to adjust my opinions accordingly. If you wish to, of course…it’s perfectly okay to change your mind. In fact changing your mind or opinions on something can be truly “life changing”.

What do you honestly wish for your birthday?  Isn’t the company of the ones you love the most wonderful present you could ever desire? That and some confetti in your hair…and of course THE CAKE! :)))

I have seen some amazing sunsets during my last 10 years. Some I had never dared to dream of. They made me appreciate my days. And then pause to reflect.

I learned that when you look back upon your life and make a short evaluation you understand that being flexible and accepting everything just as it is, can be your most valuable quality. People are so different that it’s impossible to be in agreement with more than one every hour of a day.

And it’s a nutcase to try and change someone because you assume you know better for them.  Think about this, I make my plea.. As it makes you accept with some sympathy the ones that may, mostly unintentionally hurt you as well.

I like to think that they never meant to make you suffer. They just did it because they were suffering themselves, just like a cry for help.

The truth is there is no recipe for happiness. And there’s nobody else than you who is capable to find it or offer it.

We can’t categorize people as we wish. Each one of us has a unique story and often untold that dictates their action. And they find happiness in things that seem horrific to us. I am not talking about addictions or violence. Just commitment to a certain discipline, or a terrible job that is badly paid and drains your energy.

Each one of us has the right to choose whatever he/she thinks is good for them in that certain moment.  Yes, sometimes you lie to yourself … yet this is a topic I will continue next time.

However, we need to respect their decision. Everything is relative. We just need to hear ourselves inside, speaking in silence, listening to our heart beat and decide, find, what makes us feel at peace, happy.

Every single day. Because we change frequently. And it’s an absolute natural process. Everything is a constant transformation.

As much as I like seeing the sunset from different parts of the world, I call home the one I see when I am with my soulmates close to me. Even though I like having my own space, I am not built to live alone. I need my closest people around me and I want to share my love with them. This is my home.


I guess I am lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. I am everywhere at home.

Thank you. 

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