Free to choose your drink in hot summer days.

I like my tea with lemon, please!Navigli Milano bookstores and bars

Too hot this summer in Milan and the humidity doesn’t make it any better, on the contrary! Scorching heat that makes me feel like I’m walking through a giant sauna where my dress gets wet in 10 minutes and glued to my body  all the while my mind projects an illusion of a contemporary oasis in the form of a pool with accommodating sunbeds and unlimited cocktails.

At least I could’ve stayed back in Romania and enjoyed the coolness of my father’s backyard and the complementary peace. I felt that self-motivation was starting to give in to the feeling of home.  It isn’t a fair deal to trade an unpolluted garden with extreme urban hotness.

So I was  trying to keep my motivation by talking to myself on my way to the intensive course I signed up for this summer. Concluding with congratulating myself for the determination to do so while putting up with these intense weather conditions and  with  everyone else being on holiday too.

I keep walking  to reach my destination.  I see an awning cover of a bar appearing in the horizon  and in the very same  moment comes to  mind an imagine of an ice cold drink sprinkled with mint. In the next second I feel the taste of mint in my mouth and I keep wandering to mint tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice like I used to drink years ago, in Morocco.

There are two things I need to get back to after my holidays: First is my workout routine and second is my healthy way of eating and taking care of my body.

So for that, mint is perfect along with the lemon juice.  Given the fact that it always had been used as a natural cure, having multiple benefits it can also stimulate digestion, helps your body and brain relax and is very good for skin. Lemon on the other hand is a natural detoxifier for your body, rich in vitamins and nutrients, excellent for throat infections and for skin, just like mint.

I reach the bar while talking to myself again about the benefits of these two ingredients. My mouth is watering already and I’m craving that ice cold glass with mint tea and lemon tea

I want to see it on the bar in front of me and cool myself down slowly while getting ready to continue on my way to class.

It can’t, however, stop me from wishing to replace this cooling air con from within this bar with a poolside chair.

In Italy… you have to settle for a fresh juice or water. They don’t serve  ice cold mint tea with lemon!

Oh well… I decided I have to do what I came here for anyway and so will prepare my tea at home later tonight while I’ll  be also  contemplating the idea  of a weekend at the poolside!

Now let me grab my books and continue on my journey

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