Somewhere in time

 A simple man... I can see the sweat on his face. It’s too late today to continue this grueling work but for some reason he doesn’t stop. The sun is burning his forehead and the scorching heat raises his pulse to an incredibly dangerous rate. I can see it on his face,  his chest  is … Continue reading Somewhere in time

Who am I and why am I here?

  I have to say that I know very little about astrology or quantum physics, almost nothing really,  but I can’t  ignore the fact that  this planet we are hosting  is in tight relation with the Universe and influenced by its events and energy.  In my last two, almost three years I have questioned my … Continue reading Who am I and why am I here?

Mic dejun pentru o persoana

  Este duminica dimineata si cerul este  innorat. Un curent usor de aer racoros vine dinspre Como. De sus, de pe terasa, privesc in departare frumoasa priveliste a muntilor elvetieni in aerul proaspat al verii.                        Aproape un an de cand ma trezesc cu privelistea … Continue reading Mic dejun pentru o persoana

Why do we judge others?

  There was a time in my life when  I didn’t like myself much. I couldn’t find anything in my persona to like. I was a teenager struggling with various issues including the precarious situation my parents had in that period. I disagreed with my predicament  completely and believed I should have had an opportunity … Continue reading Why do we judge others?

Blue Moon on a Friday night

  I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The cat was sleeping lazily on my couch, in my apartment, without me allowing her through the door. I am sure of it?! How was that even possible? I forced myself to come to my senses and think what possibilities were for her to slip in while I … Continue reading Blue Moon on a Friday night