Time to share your heart.



I’m  sitting on the carpet in the attic among bags of Christmas decorations, trying to sort them out. There are so many, in different colors, most of them I bought over the last six years. Last year while I was in Italy I decided to stop buying new Christmas gear every year and just use what I have accumulated over the years.

It’s hard work lol! to sort and get them ready for the house and the tall Christmas tree my father grows in his front yard. I somehow feel like a child again and I love it. Even though I’ve been spending my previous weekends trying to arrange my depart to an ashram in South India, I can say that I am happy to have it postponed for next year.

Because I couldn’t stay away from the people I love when the holiday season arrives. And I think I am lucky to still have them in my life. This year has been for me  another confirmation that life is unpredictable and you can only  appreciate what you experience at the present moment and be grateful for it.

Yes, sometimes the present moment can be a difficult experience but I have learned that you can only see a way out when you detach yourself from the negative connotations and find at least a few things to feel grateful for. It could be your health, your family, a close friend, maybe your pet or at least the freedom and respect for your own choices.

I know it’s desirable to also maintain this state of being grateful during the rest of the year. However, this is a challenging habit for most people and what Christmas aims to always remind us is that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, all that it matters is to share your time and your heart  with the people in your life at this given moment.

It’s that time when you are focusing on love, forgiveness, family, nurturing, respect and happiness. At least now, in this festive time.

They say that it’s in the power of a generous soul to forgive and put behind all the bad things that happend and have faith that good things are coming for everyone.

Keep Hope in our Hearts. It’s what we pass on to the next generations as well.

Today I’m writing everything I feel grateful for on small notes and putting them on my Christmas tree this year. I want Santa to read them tonight and I’ll leave him a letter too and tell him a few thoughts about what I wish him.

Each Christmas, he has brough me so far an important life lesson and a bit more love for life.  I am curious what it has brought to you.

I don’t know you all but I wish you from my heart:

May you find love in your life, strenght to forgive and determination to create the life you have always dreamed of.

Happy Holidays!


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