The legend of soulmates.




In ancient times, during the  golden age, the creatures inhabiting earth were androgynes. These creatures had both a feminine and masculine part, they were the  first race that was ever created by the gods.


They lived in paradisiacal gardens with no fear of death or anything  whatsoever.  But because there was nothing to fear, the androgynes begun  creating havoc  from their boredom and their complaints grew noisier each day.


So  the gods, who  were not  able to rest because of them, decided to bring them to extinction.


In the very last moment, one of the gods decided to give them another chance of life, but created a game for them to play so they could earn  their right to live, yet  not before  dividing the androgynes in two separate creatures, with feminine and masculine polarities.


The gods then  mixed them so they  were  lost to  each other in the crowds.   Each one of the parts then began  looking  for their missing half.

They soon started to feel  loss, sadness, injustice, rejection,  betrayal, abandonment, humiliation, guilt and fear of death because of their separation and  as tests they should meet during the game the gods created.


Each one of these  newly experienced  feelings was supposed to be  a lesson to learn by the halfs in their simultaneous  yet apart experiences.


As the game progressed and  as they were surpassing their tests, they  still carried within  their  hearts that  feeling of union.

The initial and natural feeling  of true love that they felt in union, the profound feeling of missing their half who completed them.


Each day, the gods were observing  each  halfs’s behaviour  as they proceed through their game, amusing themselves how each of the half was overcoming one lesson at a time, one negative feeling at a time.

The halfs were supposed to learn each lesson separated, until the day they would finally meet each other again.

But the last test, the supreme one  in the game,  was conceived in such way to delude them as having  the belief that all the opposite polarities  they meet  and that had the same lessons learnt by the time they meet,  was their very correspondent  half.


The creatures did not know that  the secret of recognizing their halfs was simply looking  into each other’s eyes and  that it took  a split second to touch each other’s soul.  And when they will be reconnected again they will be uniting their energies into an eternal tango.


They just didn’t know that the secret was simplicity and not the struggle they had to endure in reaching  the point where they met their other half.


Both the feminine and masculine energy, uniting  into whole again.


So they spent their time, each life to surpass each lesson, learning to detach from rejection, to exclude  betrayal, to surpass loss, to accept sadness, to turn the wheels of life in such way that they feel no more fear and to find out that there is no injustice or no guilt for living your life as you feel it’s right.

Each one of them living and creating from their dominant energy – feminine or masculine.


Until time brings them facing each other again and when,  in a split second while they  look each other in the eyes, their souls  recognize themselves.


Then, when  they reconnect with  each other and therefore pass the final  test, the feminine energy waits until the masculine takes action. One is the passive – creative half,  the other is the active- logical half.


When they unite, the game ends,  they empower each other  into creating  the only  truth, Oneness, from which they  start building together  things that will last during time because the gods made them immortals at origins.


They cannot be separated again, there is no distance, no time, no life to divide them once again.

Just union in mind, soul, body.

They synchronize until the end of time and become godslike creatures.


They empower each other so they  create the best of their version in the moment they unite, establishing  a new generation.  

The future.

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