Love or physical attraction?

It’s Saturday evening. You’re single so you decided to go out with your friends and while you’re out having a great time, you make eye contact with someone. You smile, he/she smiles and you’re caught up in the moment.

Before you know it, they had mesmerized you. It happens.

But what is really happening? Is it love that you’re feeling or just physical attraction?

In the last century people used to fall in love before going to bed, nowadays we get into bed then decide if we want to fall in love.

Do we mostly feel lust, and that is about being sexual attracted to someone and not wishing for  more, or we are prone to fall in love?

If an initial sexual relationship is successful and your schedule has a few available hours each week, you might decide you want to really get to know the person you’re sleeping with and give yourself a chance to fall in love.

Physical attraction is that burning passion one feels when sees someone else, that chemistry that dictates us to just try our best to possess them and after the work is done we can’t wait to get our clothes on and leave.  That happens simply because our brains are raging on hormones the moment we feel sexually attracted to someone but once the passion is gone, the hormonal levels normalize and we want to get back to our routine again… and maybe look for someone else?

In most cases  there are  no personal details, no breakfast tomorrow, maybe not even phone number exchange. What happened with a night before is done and now we just want out.

When it comes to deeper feelings, like love, things shift completely, for the better.

Love awakens feelings like caring, desire to communicate, to learn more about a person. Because the focus is set on creating a connection between your mind, your heart and body.

Love brings time into the equation as when you fall in love with someone you want to spend more and more time with them.

Love is that feeling that stimulates us to become better for the person we’ve fallen for, it sparkles our best qualities and why not…It can turn into a burning passion as well?!

Even though the differences between love and sexual attraction are strongly defined, one can always follow the other, only if the people involved are emotionally available for it.

It’s a huge step to take from lusting after someone for sex to falling in love with them. Because it requires an investment of time, feelings  and of course it makes you vulnerable as you allow someone else to learn about you in a profound way and possibly hurt you when they have gone.

Which do you prefer?

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