My gift to you – exercise your awareness


Press your palms together, pointed up and breathe deeply. This helps you balance your energy  into your body and create an equilibrium from which you can relax easier. You could do it in a lotus pose as you sit on your couch or bed comfortably, making sure your back is supported.


Now try to picture the night sky in your mind while breathing. Sometimes you see it moving slowly before your eyes. It’s natural. Breathe a few times.


When you feel yourself calming down you can slowly let go of your hands and place them on your knees or next to you, as you feel comfortable. Slowly, you observe how calm you become.


You can also choose a few words to play in your mind, or a phrase.


I always say  I love you  in my mind when I want to calm my spinning thoughts.


Breathe deep and slow.


Imagine yourself as a child again. You’re looking at the night sky.


You see its beauty, its magnificent infinity before your eyes and you want to share something with it.


It’s just you and the sky.


What would you share with the sky?


It’s something you care about so deeply  you feel it in your bones, in your body, inside your heart,  and you want to share with the whole world.


What is it, child?


When tears come into your eyes, it’s the language of your soul that’s telling you what is your purpose,  your calling.


Write down the messages you receive from your soul. Together we can transform them into goals that you can achieve.


In time, you will start creating your purpose in this life.





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