The cure within you.

One of my favorite television shows when I was a child was Doctor Quinn.

Apart from Jane Seymour who was charmingly beautiful, the show brought into discussion how women were perceived in the past, being questioned for their abilities to practice medicine, and put on display issues related to gender and race.

A call to the problems the world has always faced, problems that still exist today in some areas of the globe, even in countries with a high standard of life and education, also connected to religious matters.

I was enthralled by her courage, her nurturing – feminine side, generousity, passion for her work, and I think she was the first woman who inspired me in the strong desire to adopt, one day.

But what I loved most was her ability to adapt to the situations she constantly met and that she used all her attention to overcome obstacles, remaining calm and focused, without being bothered or discouraged by the fact that people doubted her skills.

The subtle transition she made from a single woman to a full-time mother of three was amazing, leaving me in awe.

But what I managed to apply in my life from this rolemodel was the tip that when you get ill in life, your well-being is paramount so, if you are convalescing,  cancel everything else and allow  yourself to rest as much as you need.

Given that we are now in 2016, the era of speed when life gets provoked to develop and happen at a super-fast pace, resting and recovery is something people rarely go for, even if they are diagnosed with severe illnesses.

It’s a challenge to remember that you embody a human experience and even if your soul is something that never dies, you are still vulnerable to various factors so you should allow yourself the time needed to recover.

Sometimes that might take a few weeks, sometimes a few months and there are cases when recovery can last a few years. The most important thing on this world is your overall health so it is important to allow yourself the time you need to become healthy.

During Doctor Quinn’s time people used to rest in bed for weeks to recover, sleep, drink tea and eat healthy – nurturing foods, nowadays doctors prescribe you some pills and send you to work asap.

Something isn’t right here. Even if pills do bring a quick solution, they still don’t cure in-depth the illness or treat the cause and what’s more, in time they might even have side effects.

We have lost the knowledge of how important it is to allow ourselves the time we need to uncover the real cause of our illnesses and treat them with patience and love, supporting a natural recovery.

I believe that our body can cure ANY DISEASE by itself, if you allow it time, LOVE AND PATIENCE, sometimes without pills or allopathic medicine.

Nature is the most miraculous and powerful force and it can offer an abundance of resources.

And Love. Love heals. 

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