Why do we cry?


I used to have a period in my life, of a few years, when I didn’t allow myself to cry, I always managed to block my tears and to stay in control of every situation.

In that period, I used to think that tears are a sign of vulnerability so I preferred to confine myself and never allow my tears to surface, even though at times I would have really needed it.

In the same period my immune system was showing frequent signs of instability as I could easily catch viruses and get ill, or develop allergies. I was trying too hard to control myself and my emotions. So hard, that it weakened my immunity.

As years went by, I realized that it is a natural and common thing to allow yourself to be exactly as you are with the people most close to you. And that happened to coincide after two failures in my relationships.  Not to try to suppress your feelings but allow them to express whenever you feel like expressing something intense that is happening inside of you.

Because these people who are closest to you are the persons that should accept you just as you are, for what you are and not for what you do. There is no point in controlling yourself when with your loved ones, you wouldn’t be genuine then.

So allow yourself to express everything you feel, be it fury, anger, sadness, pain, happiness, anything really and to even CRY.

It is healthy to do so. Arguments and sometimes contradictions can lead to constructive measures and progress. It’s natural to have different opinions.

People who like you only when you seem happy or optimistic have trouble themselves and refuse to see reality. We are not clowns to make others feel good, when we carry something in our hearts or heavy – complex things happen it is natural to fully express what we feel towards those situations. And sometimes it may come out in a passionate way. And that’s alright with the people you love and care about, they are supposed to support you or hear you and let you be yourself. Just like you allow them to be just as they are.

When you are in society, however, you owe it to yourself to be as calm as possible and don’t get involved in tense situations. Or if that occurs, try to remain calm and transmit the message you want to send out, peacefully.

Tears are a powerful mechanism our body uses to equilibrate our state of energy and mind. Whenever we feel sad or lonely, we feel the need to cry. Whenever we are hurt or have a deep feeling of loss – we cry.

Whenever we get injured and we are in deep pain – we feel the need to cry.

But also whenever we feel ecstatic or when we experience exaltation – we feel like we could cry. Whenever we experience a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment – we cry.

Tears just come into our eyes.

When we accomplish something we have devotedly worked for and even sacrificed for – we cry.

Our tears is our body’s way to show us that we are experiencing things at high levels – even if they are  positive or negative.

These are the moments we will always remember.  We learn a lot from the moments in which tears come into our eyes.

So cherish them. Cherish your tears and let them fall when they do, because those magical moments will always stick with you. They are your teachers.

I wish you from my heart many moments of fulfilling happiness that will bring  joyful tears to your eyes.


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